Shui Sha Lien




Sunrise at Sun-Moon-Lake





    Shui-Sha-Lien is the former name of Sun-Moon-Lake in hundreds of years ago. It means the fairy land where has the waters and surrounded with green mountains. Sun-Moon-Lake is located in center Taiwan. There has clear cool water, fresh air, blue sky, dense trees and virid mountains all the year round.

    In the morning, light fog is gradually rising from the lake surface, the calm water mirror the blue sky and snow-white cloud, taking a deep breath of the cool air, listening to the singing of just awakened skylarks. You will feel that you are at an authentic fairy land.

    In the summer afternoon, the cries of cicadas interlace among the trees, lying on the soft carpet-like lawn and let the gentle air lightly touching your face. Sometimes you will forget time is passing.

    Roger named Shui-Sha-Lien as the Chinese name of V-Touch Cafe that is because he is from Shui-Sha-Lien. Roger sincerely invites you to visit Sun-Moon-Lake someday in the future.


Stone sculptured lion, in front of the Confucian & Guan-Gong Temple, Sun Moon Lake.

Roger's water-color work.


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