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請點擊每張小圖以放大  Please click each image to enlarge the pictures.

打開照片可能需費一小段時間,請耐心等候 To show the pictures will take time, please be patient.






Our Friends

2005_OF_026   2005_OF_027   2005_10_OF_028   2005_10_OF_029    






2005_03_OF_021   2005_OF_022   2005_OF_023   2005_OF_024   2005_OF_025


2005_03_OF_016   2005_03_OF_017   2005_03_OF_018   2005_03_OF_019   2005_03_OF_020



2005_03_OF_011   2005_03_OF_012   2005_03_OF_013   2005_03_OF_014   2005_03_OF_015


2005_03_OF_006   2005_03_OF_007   2005_03_OF_008   2005_03_OF_009   2005_03_OF_010


2005_03_OF_001   2005_03_OF_002   2005_03_OF_003   2005_03_OF_004   2005_03_OF_005

This page is continually under constructing.



If there isn't your picture above, maybe that is due to we still don't have your agreement to paste it.



If you want to have the better images, please email Roger.

Please indicate the file name, however, some files are approximate 1M.

Surely, that will be very clear.

如果你需要比較清晰的圖檔,請 Email 給 Roger

並請指名檔名,但是有些圖檔大小可能將近 1M


Photo Album of English Corner 英语角纪念相本


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